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EPS Foundation Applications

Insulation Technology, Inc. manufactures a variety of EPS foundation insulation products. With its outstanding resistance to moisture, fungus and decay, EPS insulation provides dependable, long-term performance in interior and exterior foundation applications. Block masonry applications may be supplemented with EPS loose fill placed in the masonry cores for even greater R-values.

Perimeter Insulation

  • Select EPS density strength and thickness to meet loading and thermal requirements.
  • EPS has long term resistance to slab edge heat loss

Perimeter Application
Perimeter Application

Exterior Foundation Walls

  • EPS may be attached with spot adhesive.
  • Exposed, above grade EPS insulation should be covered with suitable protective exterior coating.
  • Protects water-proofing treatment.

Exterior Wall Application
Exterior Wall Application

Sub-Slab Insulation

  • Effective thermal insulation for on-grade concrete floors.
  • Substantially reduces downward heat loss and increases thermal capacity of floor slab.

Sub-Slab Application
Sub-Slab Application

Interior Foundation Walls

  • Suitable for heated crawl spaces and basement areas.
  • Supplements batt insulation between floor joists.
  • Apply a suitable thermal barrier, such as 1/2" gypsum board to wood furring, z-furring or thermal studs.

Interior Wall Application
Interior Wall Application

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