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EPS Roofing Applications

High insulation value, good water resistance, light weight and low cost make versatile EPS insulation from Insulation Technology, Inc. ideal for use in a variety of single-ply membrane systems and built-up roofs (BUR) used in new construction and reroofing applications.

Built-Up Roofs (BUR)
Over Metal Deck

  • Good insulation value, low cost; meets most fire codes and ratings.
  • May use EPS/fiberboard composite, or mop and flop fiberboard or per-lite to EPS with asphalt.
  • Thermal barrier such as perlite or gypsum board may be factory lami-nated or attached with mechanical fasteners, asphalt or adhesive.
  • Use flat or tapered EPS.
EPS Roofing Application

Adhered Single Ply
Membrane Re-Roof

  • Adds high insulation but little weight to the existing roof.
  • Mechanical fasteners penetrate EPS and attach to deck.
  • Stone ballast may be used if weight is not a limitation.
  • Some membranes require barrier sheet separation from EPS.
EPS Roofing Application

Ballasted Membrane Over
Metal Deck

  • Long-term performance in a light weight system.
  • Span deck flutes and meet code/ insurance requirements with specified underlayment board.
  • Flat or tapered EPS insulation panels are loose-laid under membrane.
  • Membrane can also be fully adhered or mechanically fastened for a smooth exposed surface.
  • Some membranes require barrier sheet separations from EPS.
EPS Roofing Application

Tapered EPS for New Roof or ReRoof

  • Eliminates ponding; provides positive drainage in new or retrofit roofs.
  • EPS insulation manufactured with minimum slope of 1/4" per foot.
  • Taped overlayment assures surface continuity.
  • Vapor retarder optional depending on environmental conditions.
EPS Roofing Application

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