What is Geofoam?

Geofoam is lightweight expanded polystyrene fill, cut to blocks and used for geotechnical projects. Geotechnical applications have used EPS for over 30 years! Geofoam can be used for residential buildings but more often is used for commercial projects. We are in compliance with ASTM C578 (EPS thermal insulation performance requirements). Expanded polystyrene provides superior structural properties across the board which makes it an optimum choice.

Geofoam is produced in blocks that can be cut to suit specific projects. It can also be produced in a range of densities to meet your project’s needs. ITI manufactures EPS geofoam blocks with densities of .90 PCF to 2.0 PCF. Although EPS geofoam blocks are requested in full billet sizes (25 x 48 x 96), they can be custom cut to your specific project needs.

Geofoam Applications:

  • Lightweight fill for construction on soft ground
  • Slope stabilization
  • Roadway/runway subgrade insulation
  • Road embankments
  • Retaining wall or abutment backfill
  • Bridge construction

What are the Benefits of EPS Geofoam?

Geofoam provides several benefits over other types of geosynthetic materials including:

  • Cost effective
  • Superior performance
  • Lightweight
  • Durable (high compressive strength)
  • Low moisture absorption
  • High thermal insulation properties
  • Unaffected by occurring weather
  • Design flexibility
  • Environmentally friendly

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