Insulation Technology has been block molding and fabricating expanded polystyrene (EPS) for over 40 years. A crucial point to make about EPS is its shock absorption which makes it perfect to use for packaging. Insultech uses state of the art equipment computer cutter and hot wire machines to give our customers the best quality and consistency. We can create just about any 2D shape you can think of. Packaging ranges from component parts, shapes, sheet stock for insulating boxes, blocks, spacers, cushioning, end caps, corner pads, edge protectors, dunnage, and whatever else you can imagine using EPS for. We pride ourselves on being able to offer outstanding customer service and working closely with our customers. 

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Reasons why you should use EPS for your packaging:

  • Highly Resilient Cushioning/Vibration Resistance
  • Will Not Support Bacterial Growth
  • Strong, Yet Lightweight
  • Offers High Insulation Value
  • Low-Abrasive-Will Not Damage Finishes
  • Moisture Does Not Weaken EPS
  • Contains No CFC or HCFC
  • Consistent Quality-Uniform Size, Density and Appearance
  • Densities From 1-2 lbs Available
  • Cost Effective-Requiring No Expensive Tooling Or Molding
  • Reduces Packaging Inventories
  • Quick Production Time/Turnaround
  • Ease Of Assembly Increases Your Productivity
  • Ideal For Both Low and High Volume Users
  • Lighter material makes fuel, transportation, and handling costs less
  • Can keep food fresh for longer period of time due to low thermal conductivity
  • Easy material to brand your packaging

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